Williston's 2016-2024 Town Plan is expiring soon and the next one must be adopted by August 25, 2025. The new Town Plan begins with you! Community members shared their ideas, values, and dreams for Williston at live events and online survey from October 2023 to January 2024. Feedback will be in incorporated into the goals and objectives of the 2025-2033 Town Plan. 

Williston Zoning Map, 1971. Shaded areas indicate residential, commercial, and industrial districts. The darkest shading indicates streams and watershed areas. 


Since the 1960s, Williston has struggled to define itself as a growing suburban town. Early Town Plans expressed strong policy statements about Williston shouldering its fair share of the region’s development while managing the pace of growth, concentrating growth within Taft Corners, and maintaining the surrounding open rural landscapes. Since the 2006 Plan, there has been little change in goals, objectives and policies despite real change both within and outside Williston. 

 The last decade has witnessed seismic changes happening locally, nationally and globally. Critical issues- like housing affordability, public health, and the climate crisis- have risen to the forefront. Meeting these challenges head on will require much broader participation, in order to harness the collective creative resources of our citizenry. This project aims to do that in the development of Williston’s 2025 Town Plan through an innovative public engagement process. 

Fabric of the Town Plan

Vermont statute has twelve (12) required elements that must be included in a town's comprehensive plan. Williston is adding another layer to the "fabric" of its plan: livable, resilient, equitable. These three values will be "weaved" into each chapter and topic area. 


live·a·ble [ liv-uh-buhl ]



re·sil·ient [ re-zil-yunht]



eq·ui·ta·ble [ ek-wi-tuh-buhl ]


Postcards from the Future

Launched in May 2023, "Postcards from the Future" was the teaser activity for our events and survey

Video Library 

Williston Planning's staff and Williston Town Boards have conducted numerous public information session, presentations, and conversations about issues facing the town in the years following the adoption of the 2016-2024 Town Plan- viewing the selected videos below is a great way to learn more about the town and the planning process. 

2023 Housing Needs Assessment

On April 18, 2023, the Selectboard received an overview of the Housing Needs Assessment from the Planning Commission and Planning staff. The presentation begins at 51:35. The full report and PowerPoint slides can also be viewed here

2021 Taft Corners Vision

In 2021, Williston citizens, staff, and a hired consultant team worked together to create a community Vision for Taft Corners, which ultimately resulted in the adoption of the Taft Corners Form-Based Code, a new set of zoning rules intended to fulfill that Vision. This video is a presentation of the first draft of that Vision by the consultant team. 

2020 Growth, Development, and Open Space

In 2020, the Williston Planning Commission hosted a public presentation and conversation about potential new growth and development and gathered public input to help it consider recommendations for changing Williston's zoning to address public concerns. This presentation and workshop provides a great summary of how Williston works to achieve its open space and working landscapes goals through development regulations.

1989 Pyramid Mall Music Video

"Back To The Pyramids" is a song by the legendary composers The Sold Americans. A music video on the [defunct proposal] of the Pyramid Mall in Williston. Maple Tree Place was developed instead of Pyramid Mall. May 12, 1989.